Baby Girl Names Start With Z

Name Origin meaning Popularname
ZABELArmenian God is my oath or oath of Baal.-----
ZABIBEArabic the queen of the Arabs. -----
ZAHIAArabic from Zah. -----
ZAHIDAArabic abstinent religious an ascetic.-----
ZAHIRAArabic aide helper protector.-----
ZAHRAArabic blooming flourishing or flower.-----
ZAHRAHArabic blooming flourishing or flower.-----
ZAIDAArabic growth surplus.-----
ZAINAArabic adorning an ornament.-----
ZAINABArabic ornament. -----
ZAMIRAAlbanian good voice. -----
ZANAZANArmenian distinct diverse various.-----
ZARAArabic to cultivate to sow.-----
ZARAHArabic to cultivate to sow.-----
ZAYNAArabic adorning an ornament.-----
ZAYNABArabic ornament. -----
ZEITAAramaic olive. -----
ZETAAramaic olive. -----
ZIAZANArmenian rainbow. -----
ZIRAT BANITAssyrian wife of Merodach she is the Succoth benoth of the Bible. -----
ZIRRATBANITAssyrian the consort of Marduk. -----
ZMRUKHTArmenian emerald. -----
ZOLAAfrican to love. -----
ZORAIDAArabic captivating woman. -----
ZUBAIDAArabic marigold. -----
ZURIAfrican beautiful. -----
ZVARTArmenian black sword -----
ZIRAT BANITBabylonianwife of Merodach she is the Succoth benoth of the Bible.-----
ZIRRATBANITBabylonianthe consort of Marduk.-----
ZHENZHENChinesevery precious.-----
ZHILANChineseiris orchid.-----
ZHUChinesevermilion red.-----
ZONGYINGChinesefollowing talent.-----
ZDENKACroatianof Sidon.-----
ZVONIMIRACroatiansound of peace.-----
ZDENKACzechof Sidon.-----
ZAHRAEgyptianblooming flourishing or flower.-----
ZES MEHENT PER UEgyptianthe mother of Rameses.-----
ZANDRAEnglishEnglish short form of Latin Alexandra meaning defender of mankind.-----
ZAVANNAEnglishVariant spelling of English Zavannah meaning savannah.-----
ZAVANNAHEnglishVariant spelling of English Savannah meaning savannah.-----
ZELDAEnglish Yiddish 1. Short form of German Griselda meaning gray battle maid.-----
ZELIAEnglishEnglish name of Latin origin meaning zealous.-----
ZELLAEnglishVariant spelling of English Zelia meaning zealous.-----
ZELMAEnglishEnglish variant spelling of German Selma meaning divine helmet.-----
ZERUIAHEnglishAnglicized form of Hebrew Tseruwyah meaning balsam or cleft.In the bible this is the name of a daughter of Jesse.-----
ZIBAEnglishAnglicized form of Hebrew Tsiyba meaning a plant. In the bible this is the name of a servant of Saul.-----
ZIBIAEnglishAnglicized form of Hebrew Tsibya meaning a female gazelle. In the bible this is the name of a Benjamite.-----
ZIBIAHEnglishAnglicized form of Hebrew Tsibyah meaning a female gazelle. In the bible this is the name of the mother of King Joash.-----
ZILLAEnglishVariant spelling of English Zillah meaning shade, shadow.-----
ZILLAHEnglishAnglicized form of Hebrew Tsillah meaning shade, shadow.In the bible this is the name of Lamech s second wife.-----
ZINNIAEnglishEnglish name derived from the flower name zinnia.-----
ZIPPORAHEnglishAnglicized form of Hebrew Tsipporah meaning bird. In the bible this is the name of the wife of Moses.-----
ZOEEnglish Greek name meaning life.-----
ZOEYEnglishEnglish form of Greek Zoe meaning life.-----
ZOIEEnglishVariant spelling of English Zoey meaning life.-----
ZOWIEEnglishVariant spelling of English Zoey meaning life.-----
ZEPHYRINEFrenchFrench feminine form of Roman Latin Zephyrinus meaning west wind.-----
ZOEFrenchFrench form of Greek Zoe meaning life.-----
ZELDAShortGermanform of German Griselda meaning gray battle maid.Compare with another form of Zelda.-----
ZENZIGermanPet form of German Kreszenz meaning to spring up, grow, thrive.-----
ZENAGreek Contracted form of Greek Zenia meaning stranger, foreigner, but sometimes rendered hospitable esp. to foreigners .-----
ZENAISGreek Greek name possibly meaning of Zeus.-----
ZENIAGreek Variant spelling of Greek Xenia meaning stranger, foreigner, but sometimes rendered hospitable esp. to foreigners .-----
ZENOBIAGreek Old Greek name meaning life of Zeus.-----
ZENOVIAGreekVariant spelling of Greek Zenobia meaning life of Zeus.-----
ZEPHYRAGreek Feminine form of Greek Zephyros meaning west wind.-----
ZOEGreek Greek name meaning life.-----
ZONAGreek Greek name meaning belt girdle.Compare with another form of Zona.-----
ZOSIMEGreek Feminine form of Greek Zosimos meaning likely to survive survivor.-----
ZAKIAHHebrewVariant spelling of Hebrew Zakiya meaning pure.-----
ZAKIYAHebrew Hebrew name meaning pure.-----
ZAKIYYAHebrewVariant spelling of Hebrew Zakiya meaning pure.-----
ZARAHebrew Hebrew name meaning stranger.Compare with another form of Zara.-----
ZAYITHebrew Hebrew unisex name meaning olive.-----
ZELPAHHebrewVariant spelling of Hebrew Zelpha meaning to trickle or youthful.-----
ZELPHAHebrewVariant spelling of Hebrew Zylpha meaning to trickle or youthful.-----
ZILPAHHebrew Hebrew name meaning to trickle or youthful. In the bible this is the name of one of Jacob s wives and the servant of Leah.-----
ZIVAHebrew Hebrew name meaning brilliance, splendor.-----
ZIVITHebrew Variant form of Hebrew Ziva meaning brilliance, splendor.-----
ZOHARHebrew Hebrew unisex name meaning brilliant.-----
ZYLPHAHebrewVariant form of Hebrew Zilpah meaning to trickle or youthful.-----
ZSANETTHungarianHungarian form of French Jeannette meaning God is gracious.-----
ZSAHungarianZSA Variant spelling of Hungarian Zsazsa meaning lily.-----
ZSAZSAHungarianPet form of Hungarian Zsuzsanna meaning lily.-----
ZSIZSIHungarianPet form of Hungarian Erzsebet meaning God is my oath.-----
ZSOFIAHungarianHungarian form of Greek Sophia meaning wisdom.-----
ZSOFIKAHungarianPet form of Hungarian Zsofia meaning wisdom.-----
ZSOKAHungarianPet form of Hungarian Erzsebet meaning God is my oath.-----
ZSUZSAHungarianPet form of Hungarian Zsuzsanna meaning lily.-----
ZSUZSANNAHungarianHungarian form of Greek Sousinna meaning lily.-----
ZSUZSIHungarianPet form of Hungarian Zsuzsanna meaning lily.-----
ZAREENPersian/Avestan/IranianPersian name meaning golden.-----
ZENAShortPersian/Avestan/Iranianform of Persian Zenana meaning woman. Compare with another form of Zena.-----
ZENANAPersian/Avestan/Iranian Persian name meaning woman.-----
ZULAIKHAPersian/Avestan/Iranian Persian name meaning brilliant beauty.-----
ZULAYKHAPersian/Avestan/IranianVariant spelling of Persian Zulaikha meaning brilliant beauty.-----
ZULEIKAVariantPersian/Avestan/Iranianform of Persian Zulaikha meaning brilliant beauty.-----
ZULEKHAPersian/Avestan/IranianVariant form of Persian Zulaikha meaning brilliant beauty.-----

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