Baby Girl Names Start With U

Name Origin meaning Popularname
UDOAfrican peace. -----
UUBUTUAssyrian reward. -----
UMAYMAArabic high mother. -----
UNATHIAfrican the Lord is with us. -----
URMITUAssyrian the consort of Nebo. -----
UZMAArabic greatest the most supreme.-----
UZOCHIAfrican the way of God. -----
UZOMAAfrican good manners. -----
ULRICADanishnoble ruler.-----
ULRIKADanishnoble ruler.-----
ULRIKEDanishnoble ruler.-----
URDDanishthe past.-----
UAEM MAEgyptianthe wife of officer Murkau.-----
UARTEgyptiana XIXth dynasty Egyptian lady.-----
UATEgyptianButo The Lake.-----
UATITEgyptiana name of the goddess Bast.-----
UER NAROEgyptianthe wife of Ra er and mother of Uer mu.-----
UERTHEKUEgyptiana serpent goddess.-----
Ur merits teshr shenEgyptianthe greatly Beloved Red haired.-----
USUR T KAUEgyptianThe Most Powerful of Beings.-----
UUHETUEgyptianthe mother of Sebek hotep II.-----
UZA RANSEgyptianthe wife of Psen maut.-----
ULAPetEnglishform of English Ulrica meaning wolf power. Compare with other forms of Ula.-----
ULLAMiddleEnglishEnglish name meaning to fill a container . Compare with other forms of Ulla.-----
ULRICAFeminineEnglishform of Middle English Ulric meaning wolf power. Compare with another form of Ulrica.-----
UNAEnglishAnglicized form of Irish Gaelic na probably meaning famine, hunger. Compare with another form of Una.-----
UNICEEnglishEnglish variant spelling of Latin Eunice meaning good victory.-----
UNITYEnglishEnglish name derived from the vocabulary word meaning oneness, unity.-----
URBANAFeminineEnglishform of English Urban meaning of the city.-----
URBANNAEnglishVariant spelling of English Urbana meaning of the city.-----
URIELAEnglishFeminine form of English Uriel meaning flame of God or light of the Lord.-----
URIELLAEnglishVariant spelling of English Uriela meaning flame of God or light of the Lord.-----
URSELLAEnglishEnglish variant spelling of Latin Ursula meaning little she bear.-----
URSULAEnglishLatin name composed of the word ursa she bear and a diminutive suffix hence little she bear.-----
URILLAFrenchPossibly a French feminine form of Hebrew Uriah meaning flame of Jehovah or God is my light.-----
UNAMisc. GaelicIrish name probably derived from the Gaelic vocabulary word una meaning famine, hunger. In Irish legend this was the name of the sweetheart of poet Tomas Costello who withered away and died after being forbidden by her parents to see him.-----
URSELGermanGerman form of Latin Ursula meaning little she bear.-----
USCHIGermanPet form of German Ursel meaning little she bear.-----
UTEGermanFeminine form of German Udo meaning child.-----
ULANIHawaiianHawaiian name meaning gay, happy.-----
UDIAHebrewVariant spelling of Hebrew Udiya meaning fire of God.-----
UDIYAHebrew Hebrew name meaning ember or fire of God.-----
UFARAHebrew Hebrew name meaning leader.-----
ULAHebrew Variant spelling of Hebrew unisex Ulla meaning yoke.Compare with other forms of Ula.-----
ULLAHebrew Hebrew unisex name meaning yoke. In the bible this is the name of a male member of the tribe of Asher.Compare with other forms of Ulla.-----
UMAHebrew Hebrew name meaning nation. Compare with another form of Uma.-----
UMARITHebrew Hebrew name meaning sheaf.-----
UPHARAHebrewVariant spelling of Hebrew Ufara meaning leader.-----
URANITHebrew Hebrew name meaning light.-----
URITHebrew Hebrew name meaning fire, light.-----
URITHHebrewVariant spelling of Hebrew Urit meaning fire, light.-----
URITIHebrewVariant form of Hebrew Urit meaning fire, light.-----
USHARAHebrew Hebrew name meaning fortunate.-----
USHERETHebrewVariant form of Hebrew Ushara meaning fortunate.-----
USHRIAHebrewVariant spelling of Hebrew Ushriya meaning blessed of God or fortunate of God.-----
USHRIYAHebrew Hebrew name meaning blessed of God or fortunate of God.-----
UWRIYELAHebrew Feminine form of Hebrew Uwriyel meaning flame of God or light of the Lord.-----
ULFAIcelandicFeminine form of Icelandic lfur meaning wolf.-----
UNNURIcelandicIcelandic form of Old Norse Unnr meaning wave.-----
URDURIcelandicIcelandic form of Old Norse Uror meaning fate that which happened.-----
UNAIrishIrish name probably derived from the Gaelic vocabulary word una meaning famine, hunger. In Irish legend this was the name of the sweetheart of poet Tomas Costello who withered away and died after being forbidden by her parents to see him-----

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